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Smart Agriculture ›› 2020, Vol. 2 ›› Issue (1): 133-146.doi: 10.12133/j.smartag.2020.2.1.201907-SA002

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Research progress and developmental recommendations on precision spraying technology and equipment in China

He Xiongkui   

  1. Center of Chemicals Application Technology, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100193, China
  • Received:2019-07-18 Revised:2020-01-19 Online:2020-03-30
  • corresponding author: He Xiongkui, Email: xiongkui@cau.edu.cn
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China(31761133019); National Key Research and Development Program of China - Major Special Project on Intelligent Agricultural Machinery (2017YFD0700903); National Modern Agricultural Industry Technology System (CARS-28-20)


Chemical plant protection, which refers to using plant protection machinery sprays chemical pesticides, is the most important technology for pest and disease control at present, an important technical guarantee for food security, and also is essential for safeguarding agricultural production. Pesticide, spray technology and plant protection machinery are called the three pillars of chemical plant protection, which having been becoming a hot research topic in the world. Efficient, precise and intelligent spray technology and equipment can provide guarantee for the improvement of pesticide efficacy and utilization. With the issues of agricultural product safety and environmental protection getting more and more attention from the public, the research and development direction of Chinese plant protection field will gradually turn to intelligent and precision spraying technology and equipment. Since 2010 year, the great development potential and application value of intelligent and precision spraying technologies and equipment have been widely recognized worldwide. In this article, the main precision spraying technologies were reviewed, the research status, typical representative and application progress of plant protection equipment in different working scenarios were classified and summarized. The challenges in the development of precision spraying were analyzed, the countermeasures and suggestions were put forward. This research can provide new methods and new ideas not only for implementation of China's pesticide reduction plan, the promotion of intelligent plant protection equipment and precision spraying technology, but for the development of modern agriculture.

Key words: precision spray, variable spray, target spray, copying sprayer, boom sprayer, drone

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