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  • Article withdrawal

        In order to protect the purity of the academic environment and the integrity of scientific research, to remind authors not to violate publication ethics, and to correct errors in the papers and avoid sending wrong scientific information to readers, Smart Agriculture draw up the withdrawal policy and process.
    1 Retraction definition
        Retraction refers to one of the regular error correction procedure and work of journals that cancel the publication right of accepted or published papers (including paper version, electronic version, and online version).
    2 Smart Agriculture will withdraw the article if the following conditions are found and the facts are verified.
        2.1 The author commits academic misconduct or violates scientific ethics, including one of the following situations:
              (1) The paper has been written, submitted or modified by a third party.
              (2) The data in the paper is fabricated or falsified, which makes the paper unreliable.
              (3) Academic plagiarisms exist in the paper, such as plagiarism of text, diagrams, opinions, paragraphs, full text, etc..
              (4) The paper has repeated publications or multiply submitted.
              (5) The academic research reported in the paper violates scientific ethics.
              (6) During the review process, the author provided false peer reviewer information or forged expert recommendations.
              (7) Other academic misconduct or violations of scientific ethics.
         2.2 The author or the author’s institution apply for withdrawal of the article and provide reasonable reasons.
    3 Article withdrawal
         3.1 Articles to be withdrawn have been accepted but not published:
              Since the decision to withdraw the article, the journal will stop processing the article and calculate the cost of the completed process. The author should pay the corresponding fee. If the circumstances are serious and cause economic losses to this journal, the author will be held accountable, including financial compensation. If an acceptance notice has been issued, the author’s institution shall be notified that the acceptance notice of the article is invalid.
          3.2 Articles to be withdrawn have been published:
               (1) In order to minimize the possibility of misleading readers and reduce the possibility of the retracted article being cited, since the decision to withdraw the article, the "Retraction Statement" will be published on the latest issue and the journal official website. the "Retraction Statement" will be submitted to the relevant database indexing institution. All the data and information of the article in the included database of this journal will be withdrawn. 
               (2) If there is evidence of withdrawal, the publication of the "Retraction Statement" should not be delayed due to the author's disagreement.
               (3) The "Retraction Statement" must be listed on the table of contents.
               (4) If the article is withdrawn, the paper should be kept on the journal website. The "Retraction Statement" and the paper's URL should be linked to each other, rather than delete the paper; the abstract and full text of the electronic version of the paper must be clearly marked with the "Retracted" watermark and should be listed in the corresponding literature database provide a clear year, volume, issue, page number, or DOI, or other permanent citation methods.
          3.3 The "Retraction Application" shall be submitted if the author or the author’s institution apply for the withdrawal of the article.
               (1) If the first author or corresponding author applies for withdrawal, the "Retraction Application" must be signed by all authors of the article, and copies of all authors’ ID cards must be submitted.
               (2) If the author's institution applies for withdrawal, the "Retraction Application" must be stamped with the official seal of the institution and signed by all authors.
               (3) Then follow 3.1 and 3.2.
    4 Authors who have withdrawn their articles twice due to their own reasons, the journal will not accept their manuscripts as the first author or corresponding author for the next 3 years.

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