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  • Preprint Policy

    To actively promote the integration of preprints and journals, assist researchers in publishing and publicizing their research achievements, exchange ideas and share academic research achievements of Chinese researchers, and take a lead in ensuring long-term preservation of academic resources, Smart Agriculture and the preprint publishing platform by the Chinese Academy of Sciences have reached consensus and established cooperation to promote the adoption of preprints in the academia. Smart Agriculture has launched its preprint policy:

    1) Authors are encouraged to deposit their manuscripts in ChinaXiv via ChinaXiv.org before submission to Smart Agriculture. In doing so, the authors will be able to publish their research at a public preprint platform, claim provenance of an idea, improve the visibility of their research and disseminate their findings to a wider audience.  

    2) Once a manuscript is accepted, Smart Agriculture will publish the preprint of the manuscript. If the author does not agree with the policy, please contact the editorial office or ChinaXiv (email: eprint@mail.las.ac.cn).

    3) Posting of preprints in ChinaXiv is not considered prior publication.

    Note: ChinaXiv.org, established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is dedicated to construction of a researcher-governed system of research dissemination and scholarly communication. Both Chinese and English manuscripts can be deposited or the published papers can be archived at ChinaXiv. As China's first preprint publishing platform constructed based on international standard practice, ChinaXiv will be a partner of academic journals to encourage fair competition and ensure authors to claim provenance of an idea, promote open access of research findings and free dissemination of findings to a wider audience.

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