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Smart Agriculture ›› 2023, Vol. 5 ›› Issue (1): 99-110.doi: 10.12133/j.smartag.SA202205007

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Status Quo of Waterfowl Intelligent Farming Research Review and Development Trend Analysis

LIU Youfu1(), XIAO Deqin1(), ZHOU Jiaxin1, BIAN Zhiyi1, ZHAO Shengqiu1, HUANG Yigui1, WANG Wence2   

  1. 1.College of Mathematics and Informatics, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642, China
    2.College of Animal Science, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642, China
  • Received:2022-05-20 Online:2023-03-30


Waterfowl farming in China is developing rapidly in the direction of large-scale, standardization and intelligence. The research and application of intelligent farming equipment and information technology is the key to promote the healthy and sustainable development of waterfowl farming, which is important to improve the output efficiency of waterfowl farming, reduce the reliance on labor in the production process, fit the development concept of green and environmental protection and achieve high-quality transformational development. In this paper, the latest research and inventions of intelligent waterfowl equipment, waterfowl shed environment intelligent control technology and intelligent waterfowl feeding, drinking water, dosing and disinfection and automatic manure treatment equipment were introduced. At present, compared to pigs, chickens and cattle, the intelligent equipment of waterfowl are still relatively backward. Most waterfowl houses are equipped with chicken equipment directly, lacking improvements for waterfowl. Moreover, the linkage between the equipment is poor and not integrated with the breeding mode and shed structure of waterfowl, resulting in low utilization. Therefore, there is a need to develop and improve equipment for the physiological growth characteristics of waterfowl from the perspective of their breeding welfare. In addition, the latest research advances in the application of real-time production information collection and intelligent management technologies were present. The information collection technologies included visual imaging technology, sound capture systems, and wearable sensors were present. Since the researches of ducks and geese is few, the research of poultry field, which can provide a reference for the waterfowl were also summarized. The research of information perception and processing of waterfowl is currently in its initial stage. Information collection techniques need to be further tailored to the physiological growth characteristics of waterfowl, and better deep learning models need to be established. The waterfowl management platform, taking the intelligent management platform developed by South China Agricultural University as an example were also described. Finally, the intelligent application of the waterfowl industry was pointed out, and the future trends of intelligent farming with the development of mechanized and intelligent equipment for waterfowl in China to improve the recommendations were analyzed. The current waterfowl farming is in urgent need of intelligent equipment reform and upgrading of the industry for support. In the future, intelligent equipment for waterfowl, information perception methods and control platforms are in urgent to be developed. When upgrading the industry, it is necessary to develop a development strategy that fits the current waterfowl farming model in China.

Key words: smart breeding, waterfowl farming, intelligent equipment, information collection techniques, intelligent management platform, vision imaging, wearable sensor

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